Ruby-Set Engagement Ring Advantages And Disadvantages

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Advantages Of Artificial Diamonds
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Everyone may not consider ruby as the first gemstone for engagement jewelry, but it has long been symbolizing courage, passion, protection and love. Once the gemstone of queens and kings, ruby is about as distinguished an option as it can get for engagement rings. Keep reading for more about ruby for engagement jewelry.

What Ruby Is

It is a gem that ranges between bright red and dark brown with a slightly red hue. Ruby gets its color from an element known as chromium. The best-known hue of ruby is still blue-red featuring purple and blue undertones.

When it comes to being modern and fresh, ruby-set engagement jewelry is in accordance with the unconventional ring styles that modern brides prefer. Continue reading to know why you may wish to purchase a ruby-set engagement ring.

Ruby Engagement Jewelry Benefits And Downsides

Almost every precious gemstone is softer than a diamond, but ruby is more resilient as compared to other stones. This makes ruby a very good option for engagement jewelry as far as durability is concerned. Ruby has the second-highest rating on the so-called Mohs mineral hardness scale.

Ruby makes for a unique ring reflecting the personality of almost every woman. A good way of choosing engagement jewelry is to discover a gemstone that you connect with, in an intuitive manner. Several customers like to buy a more vibrant gemstone or the more conventional engagement diamond rings. On the other hand, some customers want to follow their intuition; this way, one cannot go wrong when it comes to the engagement ring matter.

There may be numerous reasons to seek ruby for engagement jewelry, but it is worth noting that the gem does not come cheap. When you wish to buy a ruby stone of the highest possible quality, remember that it will have an expensive price tag. It does not mean that ruby is beyond your reach when you seek a ring that is more efficient in relation to cost. Ruby stones come in an array of colors, with different points on a scale of possible prices.

Tips On Caring For An Engagement Ring Set With Ruby

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

You should seek professional help to clean the ring. When you do not have enough time, however, it is OK to do home cleaning too. To do it easily at home, follow these steps.

  • Mix dish detergent in some warm water
  • Soak your jewelry piece in that solution for around five minutes
  • Clean behind the setting or the stone gently with a baby toothbrush having soft bristles
  • Air-dry the product, and polish it with a soft piece of clothing

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