Tests To Identify Fake Diamonds


When getting diamond rings or other pieces of diamond jewelry, you might be wondering if the diamonds present in them are real or fake. There can be a lot of fake diamonds available in this industry, therefore, identifying between fake and real diamonds can be highly significant.

A lot of people believe that lab grown diamonds are fake. But you have to know that these diamonds are similar to natural diamonds in their physical and chemical properties. The only difference is that natural diamonds are formed over millions of years under the earth, whereas, lab-grown diamonds are created inside a laboratory under controlled conditions over a few weeks. So lab-grown diamonds are not fake and they have the same physical appearance and features as natural diamonds.

Tests To Identify Fake Diamonds

The following are some simple tests that can be greatly beneficial for you to identify between original and fake diamonds:

Water Test:

Fill a normal-sized drinking glass with water by ¾ of the way. Slowly drop your loose diamond into this water and check whether it sinks or floats. If the diamond sinks under the water, then you have a real one. But if it floats beneath or on the surface of the water, your stone can be fake.

Fog Test:

This test can be helpful for you to identify the fake diamonds on jewelry. Breathe on a puff of air on your diamonds so that a thin layer of fog is formed on them because of the heat and moisture present in your breath. If this fog dissipates right away, then your diamond is a real one, but if the fog takes more time to disperse, then the diamond can be fake.

Diamonds are good conductors of heat, so they have the ability to disperse heat very quickly.

Check The Setting:

As diamonds are highly expensive, they will be usually set in a jewelry of high quality. Therefore, by analyzing the type of metal and settings, it will be possible for you to identify whether your diamonds are real or fake.

Diamonds will be usually set on gold or platinum that can enhance their beauty and brilliance. Hence, when buying diamond jewelry, make sure to check the metal and settings used.

Heat The Stone:

Diamonds are highly durable and can withstand heat. To conduct this test, heat your stone

lab grown diamond
lab grown diamond

and drop it quickly afterward into cold water. If it shatters, then the stone is fake.

These tests can be easily done at home to distinguish between fake and real diamonds. Now reputable jewelers provide quality certificates with their diamonds so that the buyers will be able to identify the value and quality of these stones. These certificates can be helpful for you to avoid buying fake diamonds.

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