A Buying Guide For Marquise Cut Diamond

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Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

You will find a wide range of diamond shapes to choose from when you go out and look for the perfect engagement ring for your partner. For a beginner, it can be quite overwhelming to choose one from various different diamond cuts. However, an experienced buyer will have an idea of the characteristics of each diamond. if you are planning on buying a diamond engagement ring and you don’t have any idea about diamond cuts, you can just do a quick Google search and find out the best diamond cut available right now.

One of the popular choices for engagement rings these days is the Marquise diamonds that have quite a fascinating history. King Louis XV of France had a diamond cut to look like his mistress’s lips in the 18th century. This diamond was later renamed to Marquise.

If you want to know more about Marquise cut, keep on reading this article.

Marquise Cut: What Is It?

This beautiful diamond has 56 facets and a longer form with points on both sides. A marquise diamond is a unique alternative for people seeking something distinctive due to its spectacular and distinct appearance. A marquise-cut diamond looks bigger than other diamonds with the same carat weight because of its elongated shape, and it often makes the wearer’s fingers appear smaller. The Marquise Diamond is a stunning alternative to more typical diamond forms for people who want to stand out.

Cut Quality Of Marquise Diamonds

Even if you are preferring a lab-grown diamond instead of a natural diamond, Marquise cut is an excellent choice because of its cut quality. The cut must be at the top of the list if you are spending your money on any of the 4 C’s. Even if you wind up reducing the Carat weight in order to have a superior cut, the diamond’s brilliance and look will be enhanced, if you go for a Marquise cut diamond.

Clarity Of Marquise Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

The number of imperfections and flaws found in the diamond is used to determine its clarity. While there are variances across grades, it’s important to remember that these differences are minor and often invisible to the human eye. We recommend carefully inspecting a diamond instead of making a decision based simply on a grade report because the difference is practically undetectable without a microscope or experienced eye.

Final Thoughts

Choose Marquise cut stone if you’re seeking a diamond with a lot of character and sparkle. Since the 18th century, this design has captivated hearts by allowing for plenty of customization and distinctive settings.

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