A Guide To Buying Affordable Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

You don’t have to drain your bank account for buying an engagement ring. It is possible for you to get engagement rings for affordable prices if you compromise on certain factors. Therefore, we provide some guidelines that can be beneficial for you to get an engagement within your budget.

Get Lab Grown Diamonds

If you are not determined on getting natural stones, you can save a huge amount on your engagement ring by choosing lab grown diamonds. But you don’t have to worry about compromising the brilliance and sparkle of your stones, as lab grown diamonds have the same characteristics as their natural versions. Hence, both types of these stones have the same look and it is not possible for you to differentiate between them with naked eyes.

These stones are ethical and they are free of the conflicts associated with natural diamonds. Also, the price of lab-grown diamonds is found to be 40% lower than natural ones.

Consider Alternative Stones

If you are ready to get alternative gemstones, then it can be a great way to save money on engagement rings. There is a large variety of alternative gemstones available for you including sapphires and rubies. They come in spectacular colors that can give a vintage charm to your ring.

But if you want a stone that looks similar to diamonds but is less expensive, then cubic zirconia can be a brilliant choice for you.  These stones have a look that can almost match the diamonds, however, they vary in terms of their brilliance and durability.

Use The GIA Report To Your Advantage

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

The GIA report showcases the quality grades of your diamonds. Diamonds with higher quality grades will have more value and a huge price. If you compromise on certain quality parameters, then it is possible for you to get diamonds at affordable rates.

For example, if you value size more than other parameters, then prioritize clarity and cut over color. But if you want to get a diamond with great brilliance, then prioritize cut, color, and clarity over size. Hence, you can compromise on different quality parameters based on your requirements to save money.

Consider Cluster Settings

Buying a bigger diamond can be highly expensive than getting smaller diamonds. So you can choose a cluster of small diamonds instead of a bigger one to get an affordable engagement ring.

Other best ways to save money on your engagement ring include getting a used ring, choosing a simple ring setting, and buying online. These options can be beneficial for you to get an engagement ring that fits your budget.

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