A Guide On Old Mine Cut Diamonds And Their Characteristics

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In the 19th century, the old mine cut was the most popular diamond cut chosen by people for their engagement rings. The cut can provide your diamond ring with a unique appearance and exquisite fire. The special proportions are another admirable quality of an old mine-cut diamond. If you are browsing for an antique stone, old mine-cut diamonds can be an excellent choice.

In this article, we are explaining the different characteristics of an old mine-cut diamond. Before leaping into their characteristics, let us take a peep at the history of old mine cuts.

Old Mine Cut: History

The old mine cut is also known by other names like old miners cut, old miner cut, mine cut, miners cut, etc. The old mine cut has its origin around the 17th century, but these cuts were made with hands in those days.

The old mine cut has 58 accurately cut facets designed especially to increase the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond. The modern brilliant cushion cut is inspired by the old mine cut. This is the reason why both old mine cut diamonds and modern cushion cut diamonds have similar shapes. Both diamond cuts are square shaped and the corners are rounded. Now let us look at the characteristics of the old mine cut.

Old Mine Cut: Characteristics

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring

Old mine cuts have distinct characteristics that make them unique from other diamond cuts. You can also easily distinguish between old mine cuts and modern-day cushion cut diamonds.

When compared to the table size of an old mine cut diamond with a round cut diamond, you can easily see that the table size of an old mine cut is smaller. Like most antique diamonds, the old mine cut also has a smaller table.

A big polished culet is one of the major characteristics of an old mine cut. The larger culet plays a crucial role in giving old mine-cut diamonds their unique look.

The high crown of old mine-cut diamonds allows for more light play and gives the illusion of a floating diamond.

The pavilion facets of old mine cuts are bigger when compared to other diamond cuts. This feature allows slow and large flashes of light. You can really understand the difference if you compare the reflections of old mine cuts and modern cut diamonds.

Unlike modern cut diamonds, old mine cut diamonds are not perfectly symmetrical. Keep in mind that almost all antique cut diamonds are unsymmetrical.

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