Choosing Between Lab Diamonds And Natural Diamonds For Rings

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

More natural diamonds are set in engagement rings than other diamonds. Now, does that make those better than lab-generated diamonds? The lab-created stones have the same set of characteristics as mined ones.

Mined diamonds may be a conventional choice, but it does not cause those to be better. When more customers seek an eco-friendlier option, they choose lab grown diamonds more often than mined ones. Here, we will discuss how mined diamonds and laboratory-made diamonds stack up.


You cannot differentiate an artificial diamond and a mined one by placing them next to each other. It takes special equipment to differentiate both diamond types because they have identical features.

If you wish to confirm whether a diamond is artificial, look at its grading certificate or report. Besides specifying that it is lab-grown, the report should indicate the grades of the stone’s cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Some may feel that artificial diamonds do not sparkle as much as natural diamonds, but it is untrue.

Cost Differences

Whether it is artificial or comes out of a mine, every diamond sparkles a lot. Laboratory-made diamonds offer the same bright sparkle as mined ones. The best thing is that they cost considerably less than mined diamonds. You can save much on the diamonds and invest the amount in a house, your wedding, or something similar. Your diamond rings budget would accommodate more options if you choose to go down the lab-made route.


Lab-created and natural diamonds shine the same way as they have identical physical, optical, and chemical properties. A diamond will not become cloudy gradually, whether it is lab-grown or mined, because of its durable nature and crystal structure. A film might accumulate if the stone is not appropriately looked after, but it is easy to clean it with warm water and soap.


Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

With mined diamonds, you cannot always tell whether the stone comes from a mine associated with unethical labor practices or illegal activity. Artificial diamonds are also free of such mining concerns and are conflict-free.


The Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness ranks diamonds at the first spot. That means diamonds are tougher than other earth-based minerals and are very durable. An artificial diamond matches its natural counterpart in terms of hardness and durability. You can rest assured that artificial diamonds are durable enough to be passed down to your next generation.

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